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Why Kona Snorkel Tours are The Best in Hawaii

We at Kona snorkel trips offer Hawaii’s best Kona snorkel tours. There are so many different things to see here on the Kona Coast. Kailua Kona is known for its excellent snorkeling. That’s because the island of Hawaii is a giant mountain, in fact is the world’s largest mountain if you take everything from under the water to the very tippy top of Mauna Kea. This means that the slopes of the sides of the mountain are very steep and so the island drops off very quickly. This means that we have very little sand. Because of this our visibility in the water is excellent.

a small boat in a body of water

Aside from the excellent visibility. We also have some of the best ocean conditions. This is because the other Hawaiian islands block a lot of the large ocean swells. Also we have a magnificent coastline that helps to block and shelter from some of the other ocean swells. So the ocean conditions here can be very excellent when they are not on the other Hawaiian Islands. This means that are Kona snorkel tours are superior to the other Hawaiian islands. Swimming with dolphins Kona has been banned. This is because the Kona Coast is so nice for dolphins to rest and swim along.

Another reason why snorkeling is so magnificent on the Big Island, it is because we have fantastic reefs. Our reefs are better here than on any of the other Hawaiian islands. We can offer the best snorkel tours available because our reefs are so magnificent but we can no longer swim with dolphins Kona along them. Also because of the great ocean conditions we can drop you in almost anywhere along the Kona Coast. This means that you will get to experience all of the magnificent Kona reefs all up and down along our beautiful Kona Coast.

We also offer private tours. This means that you can take out our boat the orca and see anything along the Kona Coast. You just have to let us know where you want to go! We can go anywhere, this means that you are in command of the boat. Our boat is quick and is able to go almost anywhere. It is a zodiac style boat. We can take you on a snorkel tour, and then we can go and visit and isolated beach somewhere on the beautiful Kona Coast.

There are other snorkel tours like the magnificent manta ray night snorkel Kona, and the Captain Cook snorkeling tour. There’s also the Kealakekua Bay snorkel tour.

We also offer non-snorkel tours like the whale watching tour. This is not a Kona snorkel tour it is basically a whale watching tour because you’re not allowed to go in the water with the whales in Hawaii.

As far as a snorkel tours is one of the best. It is one of the best things to do in Hawaii. There’s also the manta rays swim and the Kona whale watch tour. That is easily one of the top five things to do in Kona.

Of all these snorkel tours available Kona snorkel trips has some of the best. This is because we are the top rated company on Google on Hawaii Island. This is because we try hard to give you the best Kona snorkel tour experience available.

If you like to learn more please call us or visit our website. You can book your trip well in advance before you come. This is advises trips can fill up pretty fast! If you have a large group it’s very important that you book well in advance. Because sometimes the boat can fill up quickly. Especially during vacation or holiday times.

If you are planning to come out to the Big Island for a week or month or so it is important that you eat book in the front end of your trip. This is because sometimes big ocean swells can come up. Also you never know what can happen. The manta rays sometimes don’t show. This means that if you decide to go early in the manta rays don’t show then you can reschedule using our free manta guarantee. That way your Kona snorkel tour can still happen later in your trip. If you ever had any doubt about the best snorkeling available contact us. We can tell you all about the best places to snorkeling Kona. There’s so many different spots to explore and see here. There’s also great places to go out to eat I Kona restaurants after you go snorkeling.

There’s a great beach nearby where you can see turtles resting on shore. There’s also lots of other great water sports activities. You could learn to scuba diving Kona. There’s so many other activities like coffee tours and Mauna Kea tours. We can offer you those other tours as well. If you have other plans you like to stay dry for the rest of your trip we know the best tours for you. We have explored all over the island and experience many wonderful things here and you should see them. So come join us for Kona snorkel tours and then you will have some wonderful things to talk about on your return home. We make effectively streams happen. Of all the best things to do in Kona swimming with manta rays and Captain Cook snorkeling tour is easily the tops! You can even go to some of the local beaches like Honolulu beach. That is what easily one of the best snorkeling spots available. You will see turtles there very frequently. There are other beaches like Akio where there are turtles resting on shore. But the snorkeling is not so great in the water there. You can drive up and down the coast along the highway and there’s so many beaches to see and explore. There’s also great snorkeling to be had there. But the best snorkeling is always going to be from a boat, because we can show you where Thebes snorkeling is are and also take you to the best spots.