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Big Island’s Top Rated Snorkel Company

Our Most Popular Kona, Hawaii Snorkeling Trips

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Whale Watching Tours | Private Excursions | More Snorkel Trips

Our Most Popular Kona, Hawaii Snorkeling Trips

From $999

We are available for private snorkel and swim tours of our incredible reef sites, whale watches, ash scatterings, or visiting Kona’s beautiful remote beaches. These trips are customizable to your preferences!

We also offer

Whale Watching Tours | Private Excursions | More Snorkel Trips

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We are a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Winner!

Once In A Lifetime Experience

I was honestly apprehensive, because I had a phobia of snorkeling, but I had no issues snorkeling with manta rays! Shari is a very experienced and knowledgeable guide, and of all the boats on the water, the 3 manta rays out and about decided to hang out only under ours! Seeing these 1400 lb beauties swim up inches near your face was unforgettable.

– Kim A., TripAdvisor
Wonderful Experience. Highly Recommend!

Went out for the Sunset manta snorkel with a friend of mine and we were beyond pleased with the whole experience. From the knowledge the boat team had of at the Mantas and sea life, to the professionalism in the water when seeing so many of these gorgeous creatures. The owner was super sweet and informative and Jillian was an exceptional guide, making my friend and I feel super comfortable in the water.

– Heather L., TripAdvisor
Manta Love!

We were instructed on how to hold our bodies on the floating light up board in order to attract the mantas and thankfully we had multiple close encounters, one even touched my belly with its fin when it came super close to my face! Absolutely in awe of the experience, felt totally worth it and wish I could do this kind of trip every week to truly appreciate these gentle giants in their natural habitat!

– Sidra N., TripAdvisor
Above and Beyond

It was amazing. They did not cut any corners... we swam with dolphins on the way, checked for Manta Rays, snorkeled unhurriedly, and were treated to some sightseeing on the way back, all the while getting loads of info about the area and its history. Outstanding people, great equipment and an amazing all round experience. Go for it, you won’t be disappointed!

– Mike S., TripAdvisor
So Much Fun!

A must do while on the Big Island, such an amazing adventure. Captain Charlie and Shari were wonderful tour guides. Their passion for what they do, their care and concern for everyone's safety, and to ensure everyone had an amazing adventure was beyond compare. I highly recommend this excursion to anyone visiting the Big Island. I’ll certainly be back.

– Terri S., TripAdvisor
Amazing Adventure- Not to be missed!

I have been a diver for over 25 years, but doing the Manta snorkel has always been on my bucket list. It did not disappoint, I not only went once, I booked a second night:). Shari and Captain Charlie were great. They went above and beyond to educate us on what to expect and make sure we had an amazing experience, but also a safe experience.

– Sandy S., TripAdvisor
5 Stars

The crew works really hard to ensure that you have the best experience you can have. I went out twice with them, the first time we only saw one manta and that was only because they moved the boat to a different location. Everyone else that night didn’t see anything. The second time we saw lots of mantas and they were doing belly rolls right underneath us. It was everything I hoped to experience.

– Vicky Stone, Google
5 Stars

Did the morning snorkel trip as well as the night manta snorkel one. What a blast! Great crew and boat. Highly recommend!

– Gary Armstrong, Google

We did the evening manta snorkel. The tour guides did great at working to see the manta rays. We had to stay out a little longer, but we got very close. They made sure everybody had a great experience.

– Laura H, TripAdvisor
Manishaa F-T

I went on the Manta Rey snorkel. We took the 5:00 pm tour and we were able to see the sunset. We also were able to see the stars going back. During the snorkel we were well informed by the crew and well taken care of. We saw a lot mantas as well!! Highly recommend for those that are interested in seeing mantas!

Ambyr Rose

This was a wonderful experience (snorkeling with Captain Zach and our guide Phil), complete with whales, dolphins, eels, the most vibrant tropical fish, gripping stories about local history and a top notch crew that made you feel safe and comfortable. Definitely worth every penny... and another outing.

Raphael Chew

We had such a fun morningZach and Phil made the trip very enjoyable. They were attentive to our safety and made sure we were comfortable the whole time! We got to swim witg dolphins and see many beautiful fish! Thank you!

Make your Hawaii trip unforgettable!

If you’re going to come all this way to the Big Island of Hawaii, you might as well make it unforgettable! Kona Snorkel Trips specializes in simple, convenient, fun snorkeling tours, along with seasonal whale watching trips.

You’ll have plenty to brag about to your friends, family, and coworkers when you get home after one of our trips. Go home with a story you’ll be able to tell for the rest of your life: Schedule your tour today!

Kona snorkel trips is Hawaii’s highest rated and most reviewed snorkel company. We specialize in the best Kona snorkel tours available. Our passionate and friendly crew delivers once-in-a-lifetime experiences on a daily basis. Not convinced? Read our reviews! We specialize in providing personalized experiences not available on a larger boat.

Not a Typical Kona Snorkel Tour

We depart from Honokohau Marina located between town and Kona airport from our very own dock. You won’t have to struggle to find parking and board on the busy launch ramp like other operators require. Our meetup begins under a shade awning with a view of the beautiful harbor. If you look closely you may see a turtle or an eagle ray swimming along the surface. Your Kona snorkel tours begin with a briefing from our experienced and knowledgable crew. We’ll get you outfitted with your snorkel gear which includes mask, snorkel, fins, and wetsuit. Sometimes we also provide extra floatation depending on the trip and your requirements.

As we leave the harbor you may be treated by jumping spinner dolphins or during winter months whales tail slapping, blowing, and if you’re lucky breaching! Cruising along Kona’s rocky coastline reveals the freshness of the island as a volcano. The steep sides of our volcanic home means the reefs are abundant and close to the shore. Some of the best snorkeling in Hawaii is located in the Kona area. Our afternoon and morning snorkels highlight this magnificent feature not to be missed! All kona snorkel tours include clear water and pristine reefs teaming with colorful reef fish. If you’re lucky you may swim alongside one of our green sea turtles or spot a white tip reef shark sleeping under a ledge. Our reefs are also abnormally abundant with octopus and eels making for some unique encounters. Our crew will get you close to some of the best snorkeling Big Island has. You and your friends will have memories to last a lifetime.

If you’re looking for a Kona boat rental or private boat charter we got you covered! Our Kona boat the Orca is one of the best values in private charters available in Kona. It can accommodate up to 18 guests and can move quickly through the water to get you to where the action is. Private Kona snorkel tours include the manta ray snorkel in Kona, Captain Cook Snorkeling Tour, Afternoon reef snorkel, whale watching tour, or just a visit to one of Hawaii’s hidden pristine beaches so you can frolic in solitude.

Dedication to Safety & The Environment

Our crew is made up of passionate individuals that love the ocean and the animals that live there. Every one of our staff is lifeguard certified ensuring that we are prepared for any incident should it arise. We have outfitted our Kona boat the Orca with propeller guards and we are currently the only boat in Kona with them installed. This means any marine life that is swimming on or near the surface will be protected from our boat’s propellers. This is important because it is a common occurrence to spot dolphins, mantas, and other critters with propeller damage. We also carry state of the art rescue equipment on board and maintain our boat to the highest standards so you have a clean and reliable experience.

Our livelihood is intertwined with the ocean and so it only makes sense we would do our best to protect it. This means we require only reef safe sunscreen be used on board by our guests. This ensures the continued growth of our healthy corals. Come see the beauty of our reefs for yourself!

Personalized Experience

Joining Kona Snorkel Trips on a tour means you will be sure to receive a more exclusive experience that is catered to your enjoyment. We work hard to guarantee a good time! Our guides love what they do and this means you will love the time you spend aboard the boat with us. Because of our boats size, we are able to get you closer to the action for better viewing of Kona’s wild and unique marine life. This means better manta ray snorkel encounters, nicer reefs and a faster, safer experience. Just take a look at some of our thousands of reviews and you will se why we are the highest rated snorkel tour company in Hawaii.

If you want to kick up the personalization of your experience you can hire our Kona boat for the day and take a private tour. Our private tours mean you have full command of the boat to do with as you will. We will cater to you and your group’s needs so you can focus on what’s important. Having fun! Our Kona snorkel tours are suitable for most families and even younger kids.

Why Kona Snorkeling is the Best

If you’ve snorkeled anywhere in Hawaii you’ve probably had some unique and interesting experiences so why should you snorkel in Kona? Kona has very little sand because of the Big Island’s newness. This means the clarity of our water is much better on a n average day that on other islands. The lava also provides for some dramatic underwater features that you won’t see on other older islands. Arches, lava tubes, and caverns are abundant along the Kona coast. Add to this the history of the Captain Cook story=, the magnificence of the manta rays and the abundance of large marine life and you’ll see why Kona snorkeling tours are the pinnacle of snorkeling in Hawaii. So Join us on one of our Kona snorkel tours to see for yourself why you’re missing out on some of the best snorkeling in Hawaii with Hawaii’s top rated snorkel company Kona snorkel trips.

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