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Why You Should Try the Manta Ray Snorkel Kona, Hawaii

Manta Ray night snorkel

Have you ever seen aliens? Imagine being in a large warehouse in the middle of the party. This party is almost completely silent but there are lights everywhere. Instead of music there bubbles and giant alien creatures circling and flipping. That is what the manta ray snorkel Kona is like.

We begin the evening by meeting at Honokohau Marina. After a quick introduction we will give you the gear necessary for snorkeling with manta rays. We will make sure that you are comfortable using the gear that you have been given. If you are not a comfortable swim or we have a solution for that! We give all of our snorkelers footage and devices so that they are comfortable in the water viewing the manta rays. Then we will talk about the manta rays and give you a little bit of information about their life history. This is important so you know how to interact with them during this time. We’ll talk about how mentors eat plankton and the plankton is attracted by the lights in our boards. Then will board the orca our 18 passenger rib craft zodiac style boat. Depending on whether you chose to go earlier or later we will be leaving at sunset or under the cover of stars. Then we will motor to the manta site. Once we arrived will slip into the water and grab onto the snorkel board which will have very bright lights mounted in it. Our guide will tell you to the manta viewing area. This can differ depending on the night. Some nights the manta rays are here and other nights the manta rays are there. This is where Kona snorkel trips really excels. We are able to bring you to wherever the manta’s may be. With some snorkel tour providers they must stay in the same location. This means that the mentors don’t come nearby their snorkelers will not see them. Our guides worked very hard to ensure you get the best manta viewing experience possible. Keep in mind, you will not see manta rays every night. There are wild animals and sometimes they choose not to show up for dinner. It can be a mystery, we don’t know why they choose to come and feed and we are thankful when they do. The manta ray snorkel Kona has is a very special activity.

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Since the manta ray snorkel Kona was developed in the late 90s, has grown into a very popular activity. It is one of the top 10 things to do in Kona. This is because swimming with the manta rays is not possible anywhere else in the world. The manta ray night snorkel is unique in the world. We are very fortunate to have these amazing creatures. Sometimes they can get injured by us. So it’s important you pay attentioManta Ray Snorkel Kona Hawaiin to our briefing where we describe how to keep them safe. But other times they’re not so lucky, sometimes you can see manta rays with scars from propellers or boats. And occasionally you’ll even see them with a fish hook stuck in them. We’ve even had scenarios where manta will swallow someone’s camera! So it’s important for us to be good stewards of the environment and protect the mantas. Kona snorkel trips has propeller guards installed on our boat. We’re the first operator in the industry to take such measures to help protect the mantles. This ensures that if we are coming in to the manta site or leaving the manta site should there be a manta ray on the or near the surface we will be much less likely to injure them inadvertently. Leverage other tour providers to do the same and we hope that one day they will.

If you like to learn more about the manta ray snorkel Kona snorkel trips runs two manta charters nightly. We have the sunset manta in the moonlight manta. The sunset manta leaves at sunset and when you arrive at the manta site there are often many other boats there. One nice thing about the moonlight Manta or the later manta is that when you arrive at the manta site there are very few tour operators there. This is a great opportunity to view the mantas and have them all to yourself.

One thing I love about the way Kona snorkel trips runs its manta tours is the fact that young kids can view the mantas as well as experienced adults. Kids even as young as five can get in the water and see these amazing giants. The manta ray snorkel Kona is truly for everyone! We do urge that you have some swimming ability to come on the tour. It is important that you are comfortable in the water.

Once you are in the water with these amazing creatures looping and spinning below you you will see for yourself when a life-changing experience this can be. We have often had guest say this is this best thing they’ve seen on their entire trip. It can definitely be a bucket list checking kind of experience. The manta ray snorkel Kona is world-famous! Kona snorkel trips is known for its manta ray tours. We also do whale watching Kona tours daily where you can see whales in off Kona’s coast. If you like to learn more about these tours or even to a private boat tour you should give us a call! We can accommodate up to groups of 18. Our boat is very economical to private charter. Check out our Google reviews and see why we are the top rated snorkel company on the Big Island. We’ve served thousands of satisfied guests and we look forward to delivering an experience you won’t soon forget.

We run the manta ray snorkel Kona nightly. This is a very popular activity especially during holidays, so we recommend that you book well in advance. We have afforded our cancellation policy so you can always change it once you arrive. It’s important that you book it for a time that is earlier in your trip, that way if the mentors don’t show or the weather is not the best we can reschedule for a later date. So give us a call and book your manta ray tour!

If you’re looking for more adventures check out our combo packages where the more you book the more you save! You can do a Captain Cook snorkeling tour, whale watching kona tour, and a manta ray swim all on the same day! Whew!

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During a manta ray night snorkel you’ll explore Garden Eel Cove or in front of the iconic Keauhou hotel to observe manta rays in their natural habitat. Your experienced Lifeguard Certified guide will take you into the water where you surround a custom-built snorkel board with high-powered lights. Book this one-of-a-kind Big Island manta ray night snorkel experience today!