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Where to Find the Best Kona Snorkel Tours in Hawaii

a man swimming in the water

The Big Island of Hawaii has the best Kona snorkel tours. The Kona Coast is located on the western side of the island. If you’re looking at the island with the north side pointing up it’s the left side. It’s one of the best snorkeling spots in all of Hawaii. The reason is because we are so well protected from the open ocean.

If you looking for Kona snorkel tours we have so many different tours available. There’s, the manta ray swim tour, the manta ray snorkel tour, the Captain Cook snorkeling tour and so much more!

We can take you on a private boat charter which will be so much fun! You have so many different options when you do a private tour. You could do a Kona snorkel tour, or go to one of our remote deserted beaches along Kona’s beautiful coast. Conus Coast is known as the Golden coast because of the fish found here. We have the yellow Tang fish it is if reef fish that is golden yellow in color. Most of the yellow tangs you will see in captivity are captured here along the Kona Coast.

There are some any other things to see and do in Kona. Snorkeling is definitely one of the top five things to do on the Big Island. The snorkeling with dolphins Kona tour is probably one of the best, if not the manta ray snorkel tour. Those two are very famous here in Kona. We recommend that you do both estimation point if you’re feeling really adventurous you can do both of them in one day. There is some time in between the two tours, so you can even visit Honokohau beach on the northern end of our harbor. There you will see sea turtles resting on the beach. As one of the best sea turtle beaches on the Kona side of the island.

Sometimes on a snorkel tours you will see epic encounters like whales, dolphins, sharks, turtles, and massive schools of fish! We might even get super lucky and see a whale shark. Occasionally will also see monk seals and other large marine animals. You never know with oceans going to deliver!

As far as Kona snorkel tours go are tours of the best. You can see by our ratings on Google that we are the top rated snorkeling company on the Big Island of Hawaii. We work hard to ensure that you’re going to have a great time out on the water. It’s not hard though because there’s so many wonderful things to see here on the Big Island. We have some the calmest waters all of Hawaii. They also have some the nicest beaches. If you want to get to the best reefs the best way to get there is by boat.

On our Captain Cook snorkeling tour we will take you to some absolutely gorgeously stunning reefs along the Kona Coast. There are so many many beautiful sites to see. Even along the shore on it while still on the boat you’ll see some great coastal views. Since the volcano stopped recently we’ve had much less vog than we normally do so the views have been spectacular.

There are some other Kona snorkel tours available. You can go on a Kealakekua Bay snorkeling tour also known as a Captain Cook . There’s also tours to visit the pelagic waters off the coast. We don’t do these tours. We can recommend operators to do!

If you like to see the Captain Cook monument in Kealakekua Bay we highly recommended! It’s very lovely. Also there’s lots of interesting hip history in Kealakekua Bay. It is home of the Captain Cook monument. The only spot in the United States that is sovereign land of England. It’s where that captain died a tragic death. This is deftly one Kona snorkel tour you don’t not want to miss.

Another great Kona snorkel tours that we had a recommend as the pelagic cruise. Where you can see giant animals like pilot whales whales dolphins porpoises and more! You’re super lucky you will encounter a whale shark!

If you’re interested in discussing all these wonderful tours you should give us a call! Or visit our website to see what’s available. We would love to talk to you about different options available to you. There are too many things to do in Kona so we recommend that you talk to somebody before trying to narrow down your options. If you looking for some of the best Kona snorkeling spots are tours can take you to them.

When great Kona snorkeling spot is Kealakekua Bay. But there are others like two-step. There’s also places like Kailua Bay that are really good and located right in the middle of the action! In downtown Kona you wouldn’t expect there to be such a wonderful snorkeling spot but there is. Alii Adventures our sister company rents paddle boards and kayaks there in Kailua Bay. One of the wonderful things about Kailua Bay is it’s located close to most of the hotels and accommodations. It also has very shallow and nice sandy bottom. It’s great for photography and videography. It also has a school of the akule fish.

One great thing about Alii Adventures is also the fact that it will do Kona Beach rentals. Or you can even rent a Kona umbrella. It’s a surf shop located in the heart of downtown Kona. You can book our Kona snorkel tours there. Are you scuba diver? Our sister company Kona Honu divers also offer scuba diving. They also offer snorkeling and other activities. Swing by the shop and you can pick up some great snorkeling gear.

When you join us on our Kona dolphin snorkel tours you’ll see how addicting being out on the beautiful ocean can be. We love to do it every day and it’s our job! During certain times your we also offer whale watching Kona tours. This is usually between the months of January and April. Have you ever seen humpback whale up close? Join us and you’ll see why these magnificent creatures is such a sight to behold!