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Manta Ray Snorkel in Kona, HI at Night!

Quick Details

Map Marker Location:  Kona, Hawaii

Hour Glass Duration: 2 hours

Clock Trip Time: Early or Late Evening

Info Not Suitable For: Expectant mothers or those with back or neck issues.

Per Person


Kona is home to over 200 named mantas, distinguishable by their beautiful black and white marks. The manta rays come year-round, but their numbers on any given day depend on how much plankton is in the water.  These gentle giants lurk just beneath the warm, clear waters and can boast a wingspan up to 16 feet wide. They are some of the largest fish in the ocean. Don’t worry, they’re completely harmless. Unlike stingrays, manta rays do not have stingers or barbs on their tails and have no teeth. Instead, they suck in plankton with their wide, vacuum-like mouths.

The Manta Ray Swim is approximately a two-hour long tour that takes off from Honokohau Harbor to go to Garden Eel Cove or near the Sheraton Kona Resort & Spa, depending on where the best manta action was the night before.  An experienced tour guide will take you into the water where you surround a custom-built snorkel board with high powered lights.  You will hold onto it, superman style, and watch the large and graceful mantas glide and spin just beneath you. You might be amazed at how close they get!


The Manta Ray Swim is open to anyone with a spirit of adventure. Adults and children (ages 5+) are welcome, and no experience is necessary, but basic swimming skills are required. (Children must be at least five years of age and demonstrate strong swimming ability.) Your helpful guide will provide all of the necessary equipment and keep you safe and happy on your adventure. A manta ray swim can be the crown jewel of your Kona, Hawaii vacation, a great bucket list conquest, and a safe and fun outing for the whole family.

The charter times will vary with the setting of the sun –  we offer two tours each night.  Pick the one that fits best with your schedule!