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Kona Snorkel Tours Pictures

a snorkeling couple swimming side by side underwater

Kona Snorkel Tours Pictures

Are you searching for what Kona Snorkeling tours can look like? The Big Island of Hawaii is a great place to explore when it comes to the underwater as well as the coastal areas. Not only do we have the best snorkeling in Hawaii, there are so many beautiful sights to see on our Kona snorkel tours like whales, dolphins, fish, sharks, manta rays and more. When it comes to Kona snorkel tours there are many options but few that offer the personalized experience available from Kona Snorkel Trips. If you’d like to see the best snorkeling in Hawaii join us on a Captain Cook snorkel tour where we show you the final place where the world navigator met his demise. Discover the history and geography with some of the Big Island’s best snorkeling. Soak up the beautiful reef teeming with an abundance of reef fish. Big Island snorkel tours are meant to be fun and Kona snorkel trips makes it easy for you to have a good time out on the water. We take care of all of the small stuff so you can focus on enjoying the ride and the beautiful surroundings in paradise.

Have you been yearning to immerse yourself in the peaceful blue and turquoise waters of Hawaii? Kona Hawaii has some of the best snorkeling in all of Hawaii. This is because of our island’s relative newness. Because the big island of Hawaii is the newest in the Hawaiian Island chain it has less sand and steeper slopes on it’s sides. This means there is lots of fresh lava rick for the coral to grow on. The lack of sand means there’s much less silt to get stirred up in the water resulting in excellent visibility in most places throught the year. Kona is also well protected from the open ocean swell by the other islands. We also have many coves and bays where boats can tuck in away from the occasional large swell. When we do get large swell, which mostly comes in the winter, it makes a dramatic scene as the large waves crash into the lava rock shores sending the water up in the air up to 100 feet! It can make for some interesting blowhole displays as the water and air gets squeezed out through the lava rock crevices. Snorkeling Kona has many surprises awaiting. Sometimes snorkelers will come across large creatures like manta rays, monk seals, eagle rays and if you’re lucky a whale shark!

Because the Big Island has so much coral we also have lots of reef fish including an abundance of other reef critters. On our kona snorkel tours you will see eels, octopus, dolphins, manta rays, eagle rays, and maybe even sharks! There’s so much amazing marine life here on the Big Island. The best way to experience it is to get out there and jump in the water! We also have some migratory and resident pelagic wildlife in Kona. If we’re lucky we may encounter these giants on the way to and from the Big Island’s best snorkeling spots. We have critters such as spotted dolphins, rough-toothed dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, and spinner dolphins. We also have Cuvier’s beaked whales, Blainesville’s beaked whales, melon head whales, pilot whales, humpback whales, and more.

Imagine you and your friends & family cruising the calm clear waters along the coast. Wind through your hair and smiles on everyones faces because of the warm ocean air and abundant sunlight. Hawaii is the closest things to paradise in the United States. The Hawaiian Island chain is the most remote piece of land in the world. It’s the farthest from any other land mass of anything in existence. This means you are truly getting away when you choose to visit here! Some of the beaches on the Big Island are not reachable from shore. This means you may be the only person there. Our private tour is a great option for finding some of these remote spots.

There’s so much to see and do here and that’s not just including all there is to do in the sea. We have remote beaches you can private charter the boat and take your family to a small private beach with paddleboards and snorkel gear. A private charter is a great way to customize your experience to what you want to do. We offer several different private boat charter options. Give us a call or message us to discuss Kona boat private tour options. We can recommend several places where to snorkel Big Island’s best beaches.

When you join us out on the water you’re guaranteed to get one of the best crews in Hawaii. Our crew loves what they do and have loads of experience doing what they love to do, take you snorkeling. Our captains have years of experience safely piloting large water craft and will ensure a comfortable and safe experience for everyone. The stories they tell and their guidance towards the best parts of the reef will ensure you get the most of your water time.

Our boat is called Orca and she’s a quick RHIB boat with shade. This means she moves quickly through the water while being comfy at rest. While at rest we will tell you about the history and geography of the island. We will also hand out snacks and juices for you to enjoy. Kona Snorkel Trips is the number one rated snorkel company on the Big Island and you’ll see why when you choose to join us out on the water. We work hard to make sure you and your family have an amazing time out on the water with us. Orca can accomodate up to 18 passengers and 3 crew. We limit our manta snorkeling to smaller sizes to make sure you have plenty of room aboard. Our manta ray snorkel experience is not to be missed. Seeing these gentle giants inches from your face will make you giggle like you’re young again. The manta ray snorkel is one of the most popular water activities and one of the most popular activities on the Big Island. Among the kona snorkel tours the manta ray snorkel is tops. Another popular snorkel tour is the Captain Cook Snorkeling tour. This trip visits the Captain Cook Monument located in beautiful Kealakekua Bay. There are often dolphins hanging out nearby and the dramatic cliffs and coastline makes this a trip not to be missed. Another of our Kona snorkel tours is the afternoon reef snorkel. This one is nice because it’s quick and easy. This means you and the family get the most bang for your buck with less time ON the water and more time IN the water. We visit a beautiful snorkeling marine preserve with an abundance of reef fish and beautiful coral.

No matter which Kona snorkel tours you choose to join us on we guarantee a good time. It’s hard to go wrong when we have so much beauty to explore. Give us a call at (808)326-4774 or message us. You can also go ahead and book online now. Spots fill up fast so don’t hesitate to guarantee your place on the boat.