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Top 5 Kona Snorkel Tours

a small boat in a body of water

There are many different Kona snorkel tours available here in Kailua Kona Hawaii. There are even more tour options available when you look at ocean tours in general. Today we’re going to focus just on ocean tours that only offer snorkeling. Kona has a magical coast with gorgeous beautiful reefs peppered in schools of rainbow colored reef fish. So why not check it out for yourself!

During the day there’s a lot happening on Kona’s coast. During the winter months we have whales. And throughout the year we have different visitors coming through from afar. In January and February schools of hammerhead sharks will come to visit. Occasionally we will even get orca whales! The first of our top Kona snorkel tours is the open ocean Safari.

Open Ocean Safari

The open ocean Safari is one of the most epic large animal marine life tours available in the world. Some people will travel to specific places like Dominica to see sperm whales. These trips can cost many thousands of dollars. Here in Kona for less than $200 you can go on a similar trip and see Marine life that is as epic as anything you will ever see in your experience. Kailua Kona is home to 13 different kinds of cetaceans that frequent the area. What is is is a cetacean you ask? Cetaceans are a group of mammals that include Wales dolphins and porpoises. Kona is home to sperm whales Blainsville beaked whales, Cuvier’s beaked whales, melon head whales, pilot whales, humpback whales, false killer whale,s pygmy killer whales, spotted dolphin,s rough tooth dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, and spinner dolphins. We even occasionally get the fin whale which is the world’s second largest whale! And don’t forget the orcas which come through occasionally. The great thing about this tour is the boat. Often when you’re going whale watching you may not see whales but on this tour you will be guaranteed to have an awesome and fun experience on this wild boat ride! It’s one of those bucket list experiences you’ll never forget.

Want to get even more out of this experience? Up your game with a level 1 freediving course. The skills you learn will make it easier to stay down with these unique and wondrous creatures and become part of the pod.

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Captain Cook Snorkeling Tour

a small boat in a body of water

This unique snorkeling experience is probably one of the most popular snorkeling tours on the big island. The Captain Cook snorkeling tour is much more than just a snorkeling tour as it’s also a historical tour. As far as Kona snorkel tours go it is one of the most popular. Take a ride down Kona’s magical coast to Kealakekua Bay. This bay is unique among the bays on the western side of the big island. This is because it has dramatic cliffs that overlooked the bay. It also has resident dolphins that come and hang out in the bay from time to time. There’s also a point with a light house and near the point is where the Captain Cook monument resides. The monument was put there to honor Captain Cook one of the greatest explorers of all time. The snorkeling there near the monument is some of the best snorkeling available in all of Hawaii. This is why we highly recommend the Captain Cook snorkeling tour. The stories in the history are just icing on the cake! If you are lucky during certain times of the year you may even see humpback whales or spinner dolphins along the way.

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Afternoon Reef Snorkel

reef fish school over beautiful colors of the Hawaiian reef with snorkeler in the background

Afternoon Reef Snorkel is a great experience for people that don’t want to have to get up early especially if you’re on vacation! This is because it doesn’t leave till well into the afternoon. The Afternoon Reef Snorkel is a way for people to experience Kona’s magical reefs in a quick and fun two hour trip. Kona Snorkel Trips is the big island’s highest rated and most reviewed snorkeling company. When it comes to Kona snorkel tours Kona Snorkel Trips focuses on simple fun experiences. This Afternoon Reef Snorkel is a simple trip that leaves from Honokohau harbor. Within 15 minutes you’ll hit the reef for a luxurious Snorkel where we fish abound. You may even see eels sharks rays or dolphins! One great thing about conus coastline is its dramatic reef structure. We have reef channels, arches, swim-throughs, and caves. Since the side of the island drops off so quickly we often get pelagic animals coming near the reef. You may see the dolphins mantas or spotted Eagle raise!

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Manta Ray Snorkel at Night

manta rays circle under some snorkelers at night with fish above

The nighttime manta ray snorkel is one of Kona’s most popular snorkeling activities. This is because it is so unique in the world! The Manta ray’s comes a feed every night near the lights that this local companies put in the water. Kona Snorkel Trips is one of the premier snorkeling providers that specializes in this experience. The reason Kona Snorkel Trips is so good the Manta ray night Snorkel is we have some of the best guides. Our guides are able to maneuver you into the exact position necessary to see the mantas from the best viewpoint. This means you’re more likely to have a great experience than with other snorkeling providers. It is this exclusive experience that helps ensure you have a good time. This is one of those bucket list kind of activities that you’ll never forget! When it comes to Kona snorkel tours definitely put this one at the top of your list. Some of the Manta ray’s way up to 1200 pounds. They will swim up close sometimes coming within inches of your face! As they loop and ballet below you while you float on the surface it will feel like one of the most alien experiences you’ve ever had!

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Private Snorkel tour

a group of people on a boat looking at the camera

Imagine having your own Kona boat all to yourself and your loved ones. We’ve saved the best for last as having a private charter is always going to be the best way to experience Kona snorkeling tours. On a private charter you have command of the boat. This means you can do whatever you want whenever you want to do it. Tell the captain where you want to go and how fast you want to get there. Visit a remote beach, stopped to watch the dolphins or whales, or just take a leisurely cruise up the coast. It’s all up to you! You can do whatever you want because it’s your charter to command. Swim with Manta ray’s, Snorkel along magical reefs, or make a last-minute decision to cruise to a new destination it’s all up to you. You have plenty of space aboard your boat because you will be the only ones on it. So book your own Kona boat private charter today. Private charters often have more limited availability because snorkeling companies that offer them can only do so on days where other people have not already booked. This means it’s great idea to plan ahead in this case. So get going and plan your Kona snorkel tour today!

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