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Best Kids Restaurants in Kona

Best Family Friendly Restaurants in Kona While Kona is not known for its cuisine there are a few solid options available. We visit all of the restaurants in Kona so you don’t have to. When it comes to family friendly restaurants in Kona the options are a bit smaller but don’t dispair! Some of the…

How Far is Kona To Hilo? | 3 Routes

How Far is Kona to Hilo? If you could fly over a flat map it’s about 56 miles (91 km) from downtown Kona to Downtown Hilo. This, however is not possible with 2 massive mountains looming between the 2 cities. So whether by air or by car, it’s a bit of an undertaking. The Big…

Big Island Water Temperatures by Month | Kona Snorkel Trips

The waters surrounding the Big Island make for some amazing ocean encounters. Located in the sub-tropics Hawaii Island straddles the warm waters near the equator and the cooler waters of the temperate zone. It’s one of the reasons Humpback Whales travel here from Alaska. These temperatures are averages and so they will only represent temperatures…

Hawaii’s Best Snorkeling | Kona, Hawaii

  One of Kona’s few sandy beaches doesn’t have particularly good snorkeling   Hawaii is often pictured as long stretches of white sandy beaches with turquoise water but oddly enough this does not make for good snorkeling. Why? The sand gets stirred up but the ocean waves and creates a murky haze in the water….