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Swim with Dolphins Kona

Swim with Dolphins Kona and Why You Can’t Experience This

I’ve traveled to many other countries that have “dolphin swims”. These are typically very expensive and the dolphins are in captivity. This is something that I personally don’t agree with, but I do know that it exists and people want to encounter these incredible mammals anyway they can. Unfortunately it is now illegal to swim with dolphins Kona. We can no longer go out in the pacific ocean off the coast of Kailua Kona swimming with wild dolphins in their own habitat. They are not held captive or fed in any way. Normally when you swim with dolphins, you are experiencing wild dolphin behaving in their natural environment. Just hanging with the pod but due to NOAA’s new rules and regulations it is now prohibited to swim with dolphins in Kona, Hawaii on a Kona snorkel tour. The most common…

Kona Snorkeling by Boat. An introduction to Kona Snorkel Trips.

Aloha from Kona Hawaii. My name is Shari Sicsko and I am one of the owners of Kona Snorkel Trips. Kona is home to some of the best snorkeling in the world. A few of the highlights we have here on the Big Island is snorkeling at Captain Cook, otherwise known as Kealakekua Bay. As far as Big Island snorkeling goes, this bay is amazing. It’s loaded with fantastic marine life. Some of the highlights at Kealakekua Bay are the resident dolphin that like to play in the bay. Kona Snorkel trips run snorkeling tours daily to the Captain Cook snorkel tour area.  The reef life at Kealakekua Bay snorkeling is incredible. You need to check out this and other Kona snorkel tours we at Kona Snorkel Trips offer. Another highlighted tour we offer for Kona Snorkel Tours is the…