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Kona Hawaii Water Temperature by Month | Kona Snorkel Trips

The waters surrounding the Big Island make for some amazing ocean encounters. Located in the sub-tropics Hawaii Island straddles the warm waters near the equator and the cooler waters of the temperate zone. It’s one of the reasons Humpback Whales travel here from Alaska. These temperatures are averages and so they will only represent temperatures in the past. If you are looking for current up to date temperatures they are best found in the map below.

January – 78°F or 25.6°C

February – 77°F or 25°C

March – 77°F or 25°C

April – 78°F or 25.6°C

May – 79°F or 26°C

June – 80°F or 26.6°C

July – 81°F or 27°C

August – 81°F or 27°C

September – 80°F or 26.6°C

October – 81°F or 27°C

November – 80°F or 26.6°C

December – 78°F or or 25.6°C

Or Press the image below to see the near real-time water temperature updates:


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