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Deluxe Kailua-Kona Morning Snorkel & Marine Life Encounter

Quick Details

Map Marker Location:  Kona, Hawaii

Clock Trip Time:  8:30AM-12PM

Info Not Suitable For: Non-swimmers, expectant mothers, or those with back or neck issues

Info Inclusions: Mask, snorkel, fins, additional flotation, Snacks & Drinks

Person Ages 3+

What to Expect on this Kona Snorkel Tour

Spend your morning in paradise with our intrepid tour guides navigating the hustle and bustle of Kona’s most pristine coral reefs. Kona’s coastline is blessed with some of the most beautiful reefs in all of Hawaii.

We choose from eight local reefs all within 15 minutes from Honokohau harbor where the adventure begins. Most of these Kona snorkeling sites are only accessible from a boat. Compared to other Kona snorkel tours this one offers shorter boat rides. This means more time in the water where the action is!

This Deluxe Kailua-Kona Morning Snorkel tour begins when we cruise out of the harbor in search of marine life on the surface. Dolphins, manta rays, and whales can sometimes be seen along the way. If we are lucky we might come across the elusive whale shark! We choose our first Kona snorkeling spot and jump into the aquatic adventure lead by a professionally trained lifeguard-certified water guide. After experiencing the first reef snorkel, we take a break and enjoy light snacks and non-alcoholic drinks onboard. We’ll talk story about the interesting creatures we just encountered on our snorkel and share some local stories of the island’s history. We then choose a second Kona snorkeling spot to finish up our adventure. On the way home, we keep a lookout for more wildlife on the fun boat ride back to the harbor.


Important Details

  • Basic swimming skills required to enter the water
  • Expectant mothers or those with regular back or neck issues are not permitted on this tour due to the adventurous nature of our retired Navy Seal boat.
  • Non-swimmers can enjoy basking in the sunshine
  • Those under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times

Who this Kona Snorkel Tour is For

If you love the sun and getting an early start in the day this morning snorkel tour may be for you. On top of that if you love getting in the water then this tour is a must! If you are excited by the possibility of seeing some of the largest animals in the ocean then this tour is a real gem. The combination of a fun boat ride, snorkel experience on pristine reefs, and expert guides really makes this Deluxe Kailua-Kona Morning Snorkel stand out as an experience you will always remember. Kona Snorkel Tours are one of the best ways to experience the natural beauty of one of the Big Island’s best assets. It’s coastline. The Kona coastline is known as ‘The Golden Coast’ because of all of the yellow tang fish that live here. They group together in schools and nibble the algae from the reefs helping to keep them clean and healthy.


Snorkeling Kona’s Pristine Reefs

Kona is known for having some of the best reefs in all of Hawaii. The combination of clear, warm, calm waters makes for an easy experience while the diversity of fish and topography takes it over the top. The Big Island is Hawaii’s newest island so it’s mostly still made of lava rock. When the coral takes hold and grows the parrotfish will munch on it. It’s the poop from the parrotfish that creates all of the sand we get on our beaches. Parrotfish poop 4 tons of sand a year! Since our island is newer the parrotfish and the steep sides of our island volcano mean we have little sand. This is a bonus because it means the water stays extremely clear most of the year and is much clearer than the other islands. During the Deluxe Kailua-Kona Morning Snorkel It’s easy to float on the surface and look down at the reef to see the fish and occasional octopus crawling along the bottom. Our expert guides can help you find these elusive creatures. Our experienced guides are not only trained for safety, they are also trained for fun! Our crew loves what they do and it shows. Unlike other Kona snorkel tours we value the experience we can give you on an individual level creating a personal experience where we are there for YOU.


Why Choose this Kailua-Kona Morning Snorkel Tour?

This Deluxe Kailua-Kona Morning Snorkel tour is unlike others because instead of focusing on a destination like the Captain Cook snorkeling tour or an animal like the Manta Ray snorkel it focuses on delivering an experience that is not dependent on anything other than relaxing and enjoying the moment. It’s easy to find a secluded, pristine reef that is inaccessible from shore. This means you and your group can enjoy the exclusive access to some of the best snorkeling in Hawaii. The size and speed of our boat means you’ll have an exclusive experience not found on other larger boats. Our guide and captain will cater to you and your parties’ every need. When it comes to Kona Snorkel Tours we really go out of our way to deliver a great experience that you’ll remember for years to come. The Deluxe Kailua-Kona Morning Snorkel & Marine Life Encounter has so many things to see and each trip will be different. During December – April you may be fortunate enough to see the humpback whales that visit Kona’s coastline every year from Alaska. You may see them playing, slapping, jumping, or even just spouting from far away to way too close! Kona is also famous for it’s manta rays. Sometimes they will come in close to get cleaned during they day on the reef by fish cleaning stations. This is a real treat to watch these massive creatures float still while tiny fish pluck the little bugs that cling to their skin. You never know what you might happen upon on Kona’s reefs!

Join us on the Deluxe Kailua-Kona Morning Snorkel and we’ll be happy to show you a good time out on the water. Between the boat ride, the snorkeling, and all of the ocean creatures you can soak up the sights and sounds of our beautiful island home. Give us a call or book online for an adventure of a lifetime!