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Best Snorkeling Spots Big Island

Hawai’i Island’s Secret Snorkeling Spots

With over 260 miles of coastline the big island of Hawaii has plenty to explore. We’ve done the exploring for you so you can just go and enjoy some of the lesser known snorkel spots off the beaten path here in on the Big Island. Some of Hawai’i Island’s secret snorkeling spots are best accessible by taking Kona snorkel tours. If you’re looking for the best snorkeling on Big Island check out the top 15 best snorkeling spots on the Big Island check out this page. If you want to up your game so you can get the most out of your time in the water consider taking a freediving course.   This guide is for the adventurous ocean lover who wants to get off the beaten path and tourist infested hot spots Secret Snorkeling Spots On The Big Island Fishbowl Beach…

Top 15 Spots for the Best Snorkeling on Big Island, Hawaii

While some of the Hawaiian Islands may have some truly great snorkeling, none have the sheer number of amazing snorkeling spots that we have on the Big Island of Hawaii. The Big Island has a massive coastline that’s so long it would take weeks to walk it all. This means more snorkeling than you could…