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The Deluxe Kailua-Kona morning Snorkel

A man and a woman snorkel underwater over a beautiful golden reef with light rays streaming down

Introducing the Morning Kailua-Kona Snorkeling Tour

One of the best times to experience the ocean on the big island is in the morning. That’s why we have the morning Kailua-Kona Snorkeling tour! Imagine clear waters, calm seas, and just the slightest of ocean breezes. The morning is the best time to get out on the water and jump into see Kona’s beautiful reefs.

A man and a woman snorkel underwater over a beautiful golden reef with light rays streaming down

A couple swims the reef in protected Pawai Bay on the Deluxe Morning Snorkel Tour


The Deluxe Morning Snorkel & Marine Life Encounter is Our Newest Activity

We created the deluxe Morning Kailua-Kona snorkeling Tour for people who love the ocean and the thought of gliding silently over its golden-hued reefs. Imagine floating effortlessly while looking down at colorful reef fish schooling below. Calm clear waters are inviting especially in the morning time when they are at their calmest. The deluxe Kailua-Kona morning Snorkel tour is one of the best ways to see one of big islands greatest assets, it’s reefs. Kailua-Kona has some of the nicest coral reefs in all of Hawaii. Our coral is in excellent condition with loads of reef fish, eels, octopus, and many other creatures! Occasionally you’ll get lucky especially during whale season you could see whales, dolphins, porpoises, and if you’re super lucky even a whale shark!

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Who is the deluxe Kailua Kona morning snorkel for?

The deluxe Morning Kailua-Kona Snorkeling Tour is for somebody who is adventurous and loves to get in the water. If you’re comparing this Snorkel tour to another Snorkel tour like the Captain Cook snorkeling tour this tour offers more time in the water. That’s because we visit two different snorkeling sites. This means you have much more Snorkel time in the water and less time cruising to and from the Captain Cook area. If you want to maximize your time enjoying Kona’s natural beauty underwater than this is the tour for you.

The Kailua-Kona snorkel tour selects from eight different beautiful reef snorkeling sites. We will visit the first site and then cruise to the second site taking a break to have some snacks and drinks along the way. If we are lucky we may even encounter some dolphins, or whales depending on the time of year and the animals migratory patterns.

One fun fact about Hawaii is there are very few ocean birds. You won’t see many seagulls flying around here. But if you’re lucky you may see the rare endangered Hawaiian monk seal sunning on the rocks or swimming in the ocean. Another fun animal to see is the spotted Eagle ray cruising the reef looking for critters in the sand. Sometimes they swim in schools of up to eight Eagle rays.  Each eagle ray can have a wingspan from 2 to 8 feet wide! Another creature that we may be fortunate enough to see is the Manta ray.

Kona snorkeling is famous for its Manta ray’s and while you can always book a manta ray night snorkel you may be able to Snorkel with them during the day just by happenstance! Manta rays are often visiting cleaning stations along the coast where fish congregate. This means when the Manta rays pull up for a cleaning the fish are ready to pluck the critters attached to them off of the outside of their body. The mantas love it and the fish do to because they get a wonderful meal out of the whole experience and the mantas get a clean sleek svelte body. Imagine if every time you went to the car wash the machines and people washing your vehicle got a free lunch out of it! Weird, but that’s how nature works. But if we don’t see Manta rays during the day you can join us on the manta ray snorkel Kailua Kona at night. This is one of the most popular activities for people who are staying in Kona. One of the more common critters you will see on a Kona Snorkeling tour is the eel. Kona has lots of eels which is not common throughout the world. Another really cool animal that is more common here in Kona is the octopus. The octopus is very difficult to see from the surface so one of our experience guides may be able to find one for you. They are around but you’ve got a spot them! Finally, we mustn’t forget one of the most iconic creatures in the oceans around the big island – the sea turtle. You are most likely to see a sea turtle during the Kailua-Kona morning Snorkel tour. These creatures like to spend their day time hours either lounging on the shore as the tide is rising or picking algae from the rocks. Occasionally they will visit cleaning stations to have their shells shellacked. It’s fun to see schools of fish pluck the algae from their shells. We have two different kinds of sea turtles here in Hawaii. The green sea turtle is the most common type of sea turtle to be found in the oceans here. Another type of sea turtle that we will often see on our Kona snorkel tours is the Hawksbill sea turtle. The Hawksbill sea turtles lay their eggs on the south end of the big island of Hawaii. For some reason they are not a very common sight on the reef though. The best way to see sea turtles is in the water. They spend most of their time under the water but when they do surface they take a quick gulp and then dive back down. Sometimes they can be kind of shy, but compared to other places in the world the sea turtles here are actually quite friendly. This is because they are protected here in Hawaiian waters. In other countries they are hunted for food and so they are a very rare sight and often very scared of humans.

You will love your time out on the water with Kona Snorkel Trips. This is because Kona Snorkel Trips is the highest-rated and most reviewed Snorkel company in all of Hawaii. We specialize in fun and offering you one of the best Kona snorkel tours options available. Our staff is expertly trained and lifeguard certified. This means you’ll get an exclusive experience aboard our boats.

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So join us on a Deluxe Morning Kona Snorkeling Tour for an experience you won’t soon forget. This is one of our favorite Kona snorkel tours. If you’re looking for another big island Snorkel tour option check out some of our other adventures down below. You can also give us a call at 808-326-4774.