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Dog-Friendly Kona Restaurants with a View

a woman sitting at a beach umbrella with a dog

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Kona with the Best View

Kona has plenty of nice outdoors but many restaurants don’t take full advantage with locations in strip malls or less desirable spots. Here we cover our favorite restaurants with a nice ambiance and a view. If you have a dog they are welcome but if not that’s okay because you can rent one from the Hawaii island Humane Society to hang out with!


Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Kona with the Best View

Kai Eats + Drinks – Tacos, Burgers, Pizza

Magics Beach Grill – Local, American

Kalikala Cuisine

Resident’s Beach House – International

The View

Papa Kona

If you’re looking for Kona Restaurants with the Best Food check out the list.

Kai Eats + Drinks

a person holding a dog


One of our favorite go-to’s due to its mix of great service, good ambience, and solid food offerings along with 40 different drinks on tap giving plenty of selection. While the menu is somewhat basic being mostly pizza and burger centric the location is great with music and an ocean view. The food is good and should not disappoint either. A solid dog-friendly Kona restaurant choice. Walk-ins only.


Magics Beach Grill

While the food can be somewhat hit and miss the location and decor make this an excellent hangout spot. Watch out! because on large swell days the restaurant may be closed. Yes you are that close to the water. Magics is named after the popular little beach Magic Sands located directly south of the restaurant. You can watch beachgoers and heroic (and sometimes foolish) wave riders battle the surf while sipping one of the island inspired craft cocktails. It’s a good idea to reserve a table ahead of time as this is a popular spot being in close proximity to many vacation rentals and having no nearby competition.


Check out the Menu

Reserve a Table



Kalikala Cuisine

A little roadside outdoor stand, Kalikala has good food and a nice view of passers by. Kailua Bay is in the background allowing you to see lot’s of the action. Beware of the limited hours.



Resident’s Beach House

a bench next to a palm tree

Only open to the public till 5pm this is one of Kona’s best kept secret dining spots and they allow dogs too! Take a nice walk along the shore or through four season’s resort and dine near the ocean and an estuary where bird watchers can get an eyeful. Being that it is on the Four Seasons property the prices are a bit rich for lunch but the Happy hour pricing is excellent and the food quality is superb.

Lunch Menu 11:30-3pm

Bar Menu 3-5pm


The View

a close up of a hillside next to a body of water

Perched over a golf course in Keahou this restaurant overlooks Keahou bay and the ocean giving diners a solid view looking out towards the coast. While the food is not the main attraction the open ness and views make this a worthwhile visit with your pup.

View the Menu


Papa Kona

Located near the water looking out towards Kailua bay it’s possible to see boat traffic and canoes paddling by. If seated near the railing you can also see the tide pools and people walking along the shore. Good spot for the kids to run around near your watchful eye. The ambience is nice and open here as well with a second story offering a better view.

View the Menu

Reserve a Table


How to Rent a Dog from The Hawaii Humane Society

a dog lying on the grass

We took Marley on a day hike to Pu’uwa’awa’a and then to Kai Eats and he was such a good dog!

If you don’t have a dog you can pick one up from the Hawaii Island Humane Society. Visit Their Field-Trips for Shelter Dogs Page for more info on how to take a dog on an adventure for the day.


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