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Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Kona with the Best Food, Hawaii

a woman sitting next to a dog

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Kona with the Best Food, Hawaii

While Kona restaurants are not exactly known for their culinary superiority there are a number of solid options and an even greater number of eateries with a solid ambience if you’re willing to forego food quality. Here we cover our favorite dog-friendly restaurants in Kona with the best food. Don’t have a dog? That’s okay you can rent one from the Hawaii island Humane Society for the day (or longer) to hang out with.



Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Kona with the Best Food

Willies Hot Chicken – Fried Chicken

Poi Dog Deli – Sandwiches

Kalikala Cuisine

Ola Brew – Brewery

Journey Cafe – Vegan

Keoni’s Point Of View – Seafood

If you’re looking for Kona Restaurants with the Best Ambience check out the list.


We’ve visited all of the best and not-so-great restaurants in Kona so you don’t have to. These are the best Kona restaurants selected for their quality of food over the ambiance. While the ambience may be good the food is what really make these spots stand out. If you’d like to rent-a-dog from the Hawaii Humane society and take it out for a day of fun and food check out the program.


Willies Hot Chicken

Plenty of open outdoor space and solid food make this a no-brainer for lover’s of fried chicken. While the menu is mostly comprised of friend chicken there are plenty of other great sides available as well as tempeh for vegetarians and vegans. This hip spot is frequented by regulars and tourists alike. Lot’s of mixed drinks and great beers available as well to help quench the fire should you order your chicken extra spicy.

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Poi Dog Deli

Excellent sandwiches with loads of bottled beer, ciders, and sodas available. Get a salad and sandwich combo. This restaurant is geared around dogs with the ability to adopt a dog from the premises. Salads come with for bread and sandwiches include popcorn. Vegan Options available.

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Kalikala Cuisine

When it’s open this little roadside outdoor spot is great for people watching while eating.


Ola Brew

One of the 2 breweries in Kona, Ola has indoor and outdoor dining. The menu is simple and more pub focused but solid. While limited the options are mostly solid. The flatbreads are excellent. You will often see others with their pooches here as it’s a well-known local hangout.

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Journey Cafe

a person sitting at a table

The best vegan and vegetarian restaurant option in Kona is tucked away in a little alley just off of the beaten path in downtown Kona. The food quality is so good meat eaters will love the flavors too. The ambiance happens to be nice as well even though there may not be a stellar view.

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Keoni’s Point Of View

Located in the Harbor this makes for a great location for a seafood spot. While the view is okay the food is solid and this little spot is off the beaten path as well making it an excellent hangout for you and your Doggie.

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For more restaurant options check out our guide to the Best Kona Restaurants.


How to Rent a Dog from The Hawaii Humane Society

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If you’re interested in taking a pup out for the day this program allows you to do just that! You can also keep it longer while you stay here on-Island. Check out the Field-Trips for Shelter Dogs Page for more info.