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Epic Big Island Adventure! – Manta ray snorkel Kona

manta ray eyeball with snorkelers overhead looking down at night

Welcome to Kona Hawaii. Kona snorkel tours has a vast array of boat charters we think you would really appreciate. One of the highlights of our charters that Kona snorkel tours operate is the manta ray snorkel Kona. This is the highlight of anyone’s trip. Most people refer to this charter is one of the best charters they have ever encountered. Kona snorkel tours operate the manta ray snorkel Kona charter two times per night Seven days a week.

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The manta Ray night snorkel has two different charters to choose from. A quite common question is which charter is best? My answer is always the same, it depends on what you are looking for and how you are looking to do it. The two charters are commonly referred to as the sunset charter which generally starts at 6:00 PM, and the moonlight charter that starts at 8:00 PM. Times may fluctuate depending on the time of the year, so keep in mind when you book one of these charters please note the check in and departure times. The sunset charter goes out at 6:00 PM. We head out to one of two locations on the island. If we must head North, we go towards the Kona airport. If we head South, we go towards the Keauhou Sheraton. Our decision is based simply on where there is more manta activity. We check daily with other operators and online forums to make the most accurate decision for our customers to have the best manta experience. Once we head out of the harbor in either direction, we look for other marine life along the way. the crew chats with the customers and we have a fun adventurous boat ride to the site. By this time the sun is starting to set and we get in the water when it’s not quite dark yet so people that have a little more apprehension about getting in the water at night typically prefer to get in the water when they can still see and there still some daylight. As we are in the water watching the manta magic it gets darker more plankton forms under our boards and the mantas come in to feed. Your guide will impress you with vast manta knowledge and try to educate you on the mantas , on their feeding habits, and how we could behave so that the mantas are safe and the experience is epic for both guest and mantas. The moonlight manta ray snorkel Kona departs the dock approximately 8:00 o’clock PM and it is a more adventurous charter. We go out to the site in the dark, we get in the water in the dark, and we experience the entire charter in the dark. There is less boat traffic at this time and generally the manta experience could be somewhat better given the fact that there is generally more plankton. As it becomes darker the lights are more efficient in gathering plankton. If you have not guessed by now, plankton is the food source for the mantas. The manta Ray night snorkel is a must do experience. When you are booking your Kona snorkel tour, call or go online and book with Kona snorkel trips. You will have the best manta ray snorkel Kona experience whether you go on the sunset or the moonlight. A fun boat ride, great crew, and mantas, what could be better than that.


Manta Ray snorkel Kona is a bucket list adventure for many. Some people will fly out to Kona Hawaii specifically to experience this. We have been lucky in the past to see multi generations of mantas…from some of the eldest mantas in the area to some of the youngest new born. The mantas of Kona are not just any mantas, they are ones we have developed independent knowledge of. Amanda is a manta ray that often frequents the snorkeling trips. Amanda is a very large and friendly manta that very often comes within inches of our faces. It is extremely fun for us and out guests in being able to know these mantas as we are able to build memories and experiences with each particular manta. It also allows us to recognize if there are any mantas missing or any new mantas to the seen. Some nights we might be able to distinguish unusual behavior. For example, manta Fred, might be particularly playful one night over another night.

Though the highlight of this trip is to be in the water, in Hawaii, surrounded by manta rays, this trip does not require you to get in the water. We often have guests that don’t necessarily all want to do the same thing…some of the party might want to get in the water and others may not. In the case that there should be people who do not want to get in the water they are more than welcome to stay on the boat and observe the manta rays from the boat. As we are such an intimate and exclusive vessel, this also means that your viewing from the boat is still great.

We provide you with everything you need for the experience of snorkeling with mantas. We will give you wetsuits, snorkel equipment, and should you desire it even float belts. Though you will be hanging on to a board (it is very similar to a foam surf board and therefore very buoyant) some people find it more relaxing or assuring to wear a float belt when they are on this experience. Feel free to advise us should you wish to have one of these on your trips, when you are making the booking or if you are discussing with Kona Snorkel Trips friendly staff.  In addition to the equipment we provide you we would recommend bring a towel, as after you get out of the water at night it could be a little bit chilly for some, as well as a camera.

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We looking forward to taking you out on one of the most incredible experiences Big Island has to offer the manta ray snorkel Kona!