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Kona Private Boat Charters Pictures


Kona Private Boat Charters Pictures

We love a gorgeous day out on the sea. Cruising up the Kona coast dolphins jumping and whales slapping their fins it can be a magical experience. There are so many little nooks and cranny’s to explore via our Big Island boat tours. On our Kona Boat charter you will have command of our 28 foot RHIB to yourself. Orca (thanksgiving name of the boat) has shade, cushy decks, a rinse shower, GPS and two 150 horse power motors. This means you’ll be cruising the Pacific in style. With a capacity of up to 18 guests Orca is a capable vessel once employed by the navy for moving special operators. By booking this private boat charter Kona Snorkel Trips will ensure you get the day you desire.


Looking for something a bit smaller and more exclusive? Check out our sister company’s 6 person exclusive The Honu Lele. For groups over 18 check out The Honu One.




Our Top Rated & Most Reviewed Private Boat Charter in Kailua Kona, Hawaii

Kona Snorkel Trips is Hawaii’s Top Rated and most reviewed snorkel company in the Pacific Ocean. You can be sure you will have an exceptional experience with us out on the water. There as so many magical sights here on island that are only accessible by Big Island boat tours. Our Kona private boat charters are exclusively available for up to 18 guests but even if you’re a small group this boat will still be perfect for a relaxing day out in the sea. Our seasoned crew loves showing off our Big Island home. From the beautiful clear waters, to the reef life, to the large animal encounters Kona’ waters have a lot to offer being the best place to snorkel in the state of Hawaii. We can take you and your group on one of our exclusive Big Island boat tours while catering to your specific needs.

Kona Private Boat Charters are best for

  • Couples on Honeymoon
  • Proposals
  • Families with Small Children under 5
  • Groups of Families
  • Reunions
  • Classes
  • A large group of friends


Kona Boat Charter Options

Here are some things you and your group can do on a private boat charter Kona Hawaii. We have both night and daytime Kona Private Boat Charters. There are typically 3 distinct times for Big Island boat tours. Charters begin early in the morning, then run again in the afternoon, followed by night time tours after the sun goes down.

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Morning Private Boat Charters

Morning Snorkel

Take an exclusive snorkel tour to one of many Kona snorkeling sites nearby. There are tons of great options within a short boat ride from Honokohau Marina. Visit pristine sites like Pawai arches or Fishbowl where you’ll often be the only boat around while you and your family hover feet from beautiful reefs cape peppered with multicolored fish.


Captain Cook Snorkeling Tour

Visit the Captain Cook monument on this private 4 hour Captain Cook snorkeling tour. Cruise south along the Kona coastline keeping your eye out for Marine life along they way. You never know what may appear, whales, dolphins and more. Once at Kealakekua Bay (home of the Captain Cook Monument) you’ll be greeted by a dramatic rising coastline with massive cliff face and rainbow colored reefs. Here your guide will detail the fall of Captain James Cook himself. It’s a quick swim to the monument where you can visit a piece of history. Hover inches above the reefscape with fish just underneath.


Remote Beaches

Visit some of the Big Island’s most remote beaches unreachable by car or foot. There are remote sandy spots that can only be reached by private boat charter. Swim to shore and play in the surf frolicking in the open expanses of sand. The beach is all yours!


A Quick Afternoon Snorkel

Do you have young kids or do you just want a quick trip out and back? Afternoon Kona snorkel tours allow you to visit one of the nearby pristine reefs or just cruise in search of whales. This is a great tour for people more prone to sea sickness or who don’t want to spend much time in the water or on the water. By the end you’ll be sun kissed and ready for happy hour.


Private Manta Snorkel

One of the simplest and most impactful Kona private boat charters. Kona Snorkel Trips offers two Manta snorkels nightly. The sunset manta is great for families with young kids. The moonlight manta runs a bit later and give you more time to do other activities during the day like nap on the beach. Hop aboard Orca for a manta experience that will be much less crowded than what you’d experience earlier in the evening. Normally we may take up to 18 guests split between 2 guides. On this private tour you can choose to bring up to 18 guests or simply get the whole boat and a guide all to yourselves keeping things nice and roomy.


Kona Scuba Diving Boat Charters

If you’re looking for a private Kona scuba diving charter you can visit our sister company Kona Honu Divers to see their offerings. Kona Honu Divers has Hawaii’s best dive boats. They are also the top rated and most reveiwed dive company in Hawaii. Their focus on scuba means you know you’ll be in good hands when it comes to diving.


Best Time to Book Kona Private Boat Charters

It’s best to book your Kona private boat charters well in advance. This is because we can only reserve a boat that is not already booked with guests. Sometimes our charters can book out months in advance so it’s best to reserve now. You can always cancel later if plans change. See our Kona Boat Charter page for more details on pricing, cancellation, and availability. Typically private tours will be harder to come by during high season periods. This is often when school is out running 2 months during summer, thanksgiving week, winter holidays, and spring break season. Whale watching is best from December – through April. There is a potential to see large animals throughout the year in Kona sometimes you only need to get out there and get lucky!

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Kona Snorkel Trips is Hawaii’s highest rated and most reviewed snorkel company. We specialize in fun and in addition to offering Kona private boat charters we also have 4 daily tours highlighting different facets of the Big Island’s best snorkeling. From large animal encounters like whale watching and Manta ray snorkel at night to historical tours of Captain Cook monument and Kealakekua Bay and reef snorkeling. Check out our tour options here.

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