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Why Swim with Dolphins Kona

Swimming with dolphins is one of the most amazing things you will ever do in Kona. If you are a water person swimming with dolphins is a life-changing experience. There are many people that come from all over the world just to swim with dolphins Kona. One amazing thing about Cohen is that you can manta rays snorkel Kona at night and swim with dolphins Kona during the day.


The dolphin tour Kona is one of the best activities you can do and ocean here. There are many things to do in Kona, and Captain Cook snorkeling is a big one. Often times when we visit Captain Cook monuments we will be able to see dolphins. When people think of snorkel Big Island they often think of swimming with manta rays. But little do they know that the dolphins snorkel Kona is one of the biggest activities here on the Big Island. There are many dolphins up and down Kona’s beautiful coast. And you can swim with them during the day. At night they leave the coast and go out into the pelagic ocean to hunt. Dolphins are nocturnal critters. When they come in during the day this will sleep in the bays. They turn half of their brain off so that they can sleep and the other half is on so they can continue to breeze and watch out for danger. There are fascinating creatures.


There are a lot of Kona snorkel tours but none like the ones that Kona snorkel trips offers. If you want to take a dolphin tour Kona is the best place for it. We leave from hard Honokohau Marina and sometimes the dolphins are waiting for us right there at the mouth of the harbor. They can be very curious features. We cannot always offer a dolphin guarantee though. They are wild animals. It is in our best interest to look out for the dolphins best interest. We are dolphin smart operator. The dolphins are livelihood and there also are friends.


If you looking for a Kona snorkel tour that will let you soon with dolphins Kona snorkel trips is the one. We have your well-being at top of mind. Your safety is very important to us. We are highly rated on Google. We are the top snorkel provider on the Big Island of Hawaii. This is because we have high standards and we are trying to offer the best snorkeling Big Island has.


Sometimes you will see other animals other than dolphins like whales, pilot whales, whale sharks and other animals like bottlenose dolphins. It’s an amazing day will we happen to encounter more than one of these critters on the same trip! We are spoiled in Kona with an abundance of amazing epic marine life. There’s so much to see and do here in Kona the Kona dolphin swim is only one of the many ocean activities available. If you’re looking for something to do later in the day the manta rays snorkel is Kona’s most amazing and unique experiences. We offer two trips nightly for the Kona manta ray snorkel. Sometimes we will even see dolphins at night during the manta ray snorkel.


We are spoiled and here in Kona with some of the most amazing sites. We have beautiful black sand beaches petroglyphs and other amazing things. There’s so many things to do in Kona! Kona snorkeling is truly magnificent! Sometimes is more to see than just dolphins. There be reef fish and other critters around. Sometimes we seem monk seals. You never know what kind of ocean animals you might encounter when you’re snorkeling in Kona. The longer you spend in the ocean the more amazing sites you will encounter. Occasionally we will have strange animals like workers or killer whales. Other times you will have giant beastlike fin whales. The best way to see these animals is to get on the boat and get out on the water!


Sometimes it’s the little things. Dolphins love to play. You can give them a leaf and they will play the past to leave the game. Dolphins love to play this game! It’s as simple as bringing a leaf down underwater and leaving it for the dolphins. The dolphin will take the leaf on its fin and swim around with it sometimes with their front pectoral fins and sometimes with their rear caudal fin. Dolphins also love boats. They will ride the bow wake of the boat jumping and dancing as the boat speeds along. Thus it seems like a dangerous feat but to them is just another day being a dolphin. They can be such playful critters! Oh to be a dolphin!


The Big Island has four different kinds of dolphins that are common here. The spinner dolphin is the most common. Second is the bottlenose dolphin. Third is the rough tooth dolphin. And lastly the spotted dolphin. Spotted dolphin will jump and leap up to 30 feet in the air behind a boat. It’s an amazing sight. The bottlenose dolphins are often the most interactive and social of the dolphins. In the rough tooth dolphins are known for their ability to steal bait off of fishermen’s hooks! Dolphins in general are truly unbelievable.


Kona snorkel trips offers private dolphin snorkel Kona. We also offer private snorkel charters. We can customize a private tour to your needs. Often times we will have tours for engaged couples. Sometimes we will have private snorkel tours for families. There are many different activities that we can do on a private snorkel tour. Swim with dolphins Big Island is just one of them. Our guys are very experienced and passionate about the ocean. We love to talk story about all of the amazing ocean encounters that we’ve had over the years. For the best snorkeling Big Island has contact us.


For the best snorkeling Big Island has to offer book a trip with Kona snorkel trips! You can visit us on our website at or you can call us at 808 326-4774.

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