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Swim & Snorkel with Dolphins in the Wild – Kona, Hawaii

There are many different kinds of Kona snorkel tours. Some are historical tours, others are cruising the pelagic ocean, and others visit Kealakekua Bay. During these tours it is common to see wild spinner dolphins. Since many people want to see these amazing wild creatures, dolphin tours have been developed. In these dolphin tours it is common to find spinner dolphins in the wild. Spinner dolphins are nocturnal. They hunt at night and they come in during the day to sleep in the bays off Kona Coast. During a dolphin tour we leave from Honokohau Marina, and often see these creatures at the mouth of the harbor! It is common to see them up and down the coast on the Big Island. If you’re lucky the dolphins will be happy to let you view them from in the water. Sometimes dolphins don’t want to be in the water with humans, so we decide whether or not we will try to view these animals during our tours.


Dolphin tours are tricky subject, they are prohibited or banned in some places. Other places have strict regulations. Sometimes dolphins want to be near humans and they will swim over to you even when you’re not intending to be near them. It’s common to be snorkeling along the reef and all of a sudden a wild dolphin shows up from immediately next to you. It can be a startling site! Swimming with dolphins can also be lots of fun. They like to play games like the past police game. In the past the lease game you bring at least into the water and drop it in the dolphin swims along. They use their pectoral fins to grab the leaf and swim with it underwater. Sometimes they will even use their caudal fin or back fin. Other times dolphins will get very frisky with you and in your face. They can even blow bubbles! Dolphins are amazing and intelligent creatures. When they are feeling active they will do some pretty amazing acrobatic tricks. That’s why they called him spinner dolphins. Even from a young age the dolphins will leap into the air spinning around several times before landing back in the water with a large slap!


You can snorkel with dolphins here in Kona. Kona snorkel trips offers Kona snorkel tours swimming with dolphins. We offer two morning trips daily to swim with dolphins. We will leave early in the morning in search of these creatures. We will head up and down the coast depending on the weather we will either head north or south along the coastline. There are many bays along the coast where these dolphins like to rest during the day. We will talk about their natural history and behavior. We will also tell some stories about encounters with dolphins. There truly fascinating creatures.


If were lucky the dolphins will be calm and okay with our presence. In which case we may slip into the water in an effort to see them underwater. It’s important when the dolphins swim by to not swim at them. They are much faster than us and they can easily swim away, if you want to get close to them it’s best to let them come to you. The best way to do this is to stay calm and still in the water and the dolphins will naturally come to you if they are interested. Sometimes you can hear the dolphins. Underwater they make a very high-pitched almost squeaking sound. Occasionally you’ll hear a clicking sound this is them using the sonar. They have very accurate sonar. They can use it to find food. They can also use it to tell if a human is pregnant. It’s an amazing tool. Dolphins are very good at communicating both with their body language and with sound. Unfortunately we don’t know what they’re saying!


If we’re lucky, they will some right up to us and we will be able to snorkel with dolphins. There are a few different kinds of dolphins found in Kona. The most common is the spinner dolphin. There are also bottlenose, rough tooth, and spotted dolphins. There seemed much less often than the spinner dolphins. The bottlenose are probably the second most common kind of dolphin found in Kona. They are often quite friendly, and can swim up to you while you are snorkeling. Bottlenose dolphins are are also seen with whales acting as escorts. We will see them on our whale watching tours. Bottlenose dolphins are usually found in much smaller groups. Also called pods. Spinner dolphins are often in pods ranging from 10 to 200. Bottlenose dolphins are often found either singular up to a dozen. Rough tooth dolphins are usually two or three in a group or pod. Spotted dolphin’s are usually seen in pods from a few up to 20 or 30. Spotted dolphin’s are pretty amazing with their ability to leap high into the air, they will often follow a boat wake leaping anywhere from 20 to 30 feet. Rough tooth dolphins are known for their ability to hunt and steal fish from fishermen’s minds. They are very agile. They are also very sneaky. It can be difficult to snorkel with rough tooth dolphins. Sometimes dolphins will use the opportunity of your boat coming by to ride the wake of the bow. This is an amazing sight to see. The dolphins can moves so quickly and rapidly using the pressure wave created by the bow of your boat. You’ll see large groups of them up to 10 including babies writing your bow wake.


If you like to snorkel with dolphins in Kona, you should give us a call. We offer daily Kona snorkel tours. Dolphin snorkel is available every morning two times a morning. We also have the possibility for private dolphin  tours. If the weather is nice we can head north to one of the big island’s nicest beaches and look for dolphins along the way. If you like dolphins this is gonna be one of the most amazing experiences you will ever find. There are very few places in the world where you can swim and snorkel with dolphins in the wild.

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