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A Little Bit About the Kona Swim with Dolphins!

Swim with dolphins Kona is such a unique and incredible experience. When you visit the Big Island, make it a point to swim with dolphins Kona for a once in a lifetime adventure. We recommend you book your charter with Kona Snorkel Trips. Swim with dolphins Kona is a great activity to do in the morning. The Hawaiian spinner dolphins are most active in the mornings after returning from a full night of feeding, playing, and mating. Does not sound so bad. During the day, dolphins are what we commonly refer to as being in an active rest cycle. They are nocturnal. They have opposite sleep patterns as (most) humans. They use the daytime hours to shut off half their brains and actively rest. They need to remember to come to the surface and breath, so one side of the brain is always alert. When you experience swim with dolphins Kona, you will see how life in a dolphin pod works. They usually always have a buddy with them to look out for each other.  A dolphin pod can consist of anywhere from 10-100 dolphins. There are some cross species at times as well. We often see spotted dolphin mixed in with the Hawaiian spinner dolphins while we swim with dolphins Kona.

Swim with dolphins Kona is best to do by boat. Most times Kona Snorkel Trips will head south and look for them first by the Kailua pier. This area is best known for the most playful encounters most mornings. They are not always that predictable. Sometimes we must head North of the Kona airport. Sometimes, we continue south for a chance we may see them in one of the many coves along the way to Kealakekua Bay otherwise known as Captain Cook. Afternoon sightings are most common in the cove at Kealakekua Bay. However, you encounter swim with dolphins Kona, it is sure to be an epic experience.

Swimming with dolphins in Kona is often more rewarding than just swimming with dolphins. Though we are pretty much guaranteed to find dolphins and get in the water with them, we are often also very fortunate to find other marine life…sometimes even get in the water with them too! Much of the time we see turtles, mantas, and maybe even wales! As we are in a smaller vessel this means we have much more freedom and agility to be able to maneuver the waters and position ourselves strategically for sightings of such animals. You will find on the bigger vessels there is not as much flexibility. As we are so familiar with the dolphins, we often know their patterns and which directions they might be moving in, in which case we are able to actually get ahead of the dolphins and calmly and peacefully wait for them to come to us rather than us chasing them down and trying to keep up with them. We believe in a very nonconfrontational experience when we swim with the dolphins. We respect their role in the ecosystem and do not want to impact their well being in a negative way. We have been so successful in our interactions with the dolphins that it is almost like we have developed friendships with them. Not only have we found that the dolphins are calm with us around them but they often see us as friendly playmates. You will find that many times the dolphins will come within arms’ length from you, often checking you out and other times swimming circles around you, simply playing…it’s a magical thing to see. Of our friends in the blue dolphins are perhaps the most playful. One can often find themselves next to a turtle without realizing it; they often like to catch a nap on the reef or perhaps you might be snorkeling and see a turtle gently swimming by headed to the reed to feed. Manta Rays are another very remarkable creature. Sometimes they can be very shy and other times they might come within inches of you, truly, different rays often behave differently. On the trips where we get in the water and snorkel, one of which is our dolphin swimming trip, we are often lucky enough to see eagle rays…a beautiful dark colored ray with white dots on it. Taking the dolphin swim trip during whale season in particular is an incredibly exciting experience as we pretty much always see whales. We have been lucky enough to see whales on many occasions, breaching, playing, calves swimming with their mothers and other forms of fascinating behavior.


Don’t forget about the little guys when you are on your Kona Snorkel Trips adventure swimming with dolphins. Some of the most beautiful colors in Hawaii will see are of the little creatures you find on the reef. Perhaps on your snorkel trip, take some time to really look at the reef up close and you might be lucky enough to find a nudibranch. These are often one of the smallest creatures on the reef but pack some of the most vibrant, stunning colors. Don’ forget about looking at the corals…one often thinks to look straight for the big things, and though this is always very exciting, it is fascinating to see how different each coral is from the other in terms of its’ geometry but also it’s color even from coast to coast and island to island across Hawaii.


Swimming with dolphins, in the wild, and in Hawaii is an unforgettable experience. It is not just seeing them in the water but it is taking in the behavior and reaction of how they look at you. One of the most intriguing moments when swimming with dolphins out in the ocean of Hawaii is being able to hear them communicating to each other. One would be genuinely surprised at how well you can hear dolphins when snorkeling with them!

When your plans bring you to the Big Island and you’re looking for an adventure while you’re in Kona, contact Kona Snorkel Trips and book swim with dolphins Kona.

We’ll see you on the water!


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